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Tours from Warsaw or KrakowGet to know the secrets of our culture, explore beautiful places and get a taste of our delicious cuisine

Poland, a country in the heart of Europe, located between the Baltic Sea in the North and the Sudetes and the Carpathians in the South. It is inhabited by almost 38.5 million people, which gives it 8th place in Europe in terms of size. Over 2 million Poles live abroad. The basic monetary unit in Poland is zloty (equal to 100 groszy). On 1 May, 2004 Poland has joined the European Union.

Poland has everything you are looking for, starting from alpine mountains, wide sandy beaches, the land of lakes and forests to world-class historical monuments. Our country is one of those rich in history and Christian tradition.

Warsaw - the capital of Poland is the most important political, cultural, scientific and economic center. Before the World War II, it was called ‘Paris of the East’. During World War II, the city was razed to the ground almost entirely, only 15% of the historic center of Warsaw remained. Currently, Warsaw is the largest and fastest growing city in the country. It is not only a huge metropolis, but also an open and friendly city that has a lot to offer to its tourists.

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Krakow - the capital of Poland until 1795, today a charming city loved by tourists and often chosen as their trip destination. The location of Krakow makes it a base for trips to Polish mountains or trips to the picturesque Krakow-Częstochowa Upland. In the city itself, you can admire the Main Market Square with the St. Mary's Church, the Cloth Hall, the Town Hall Tower and numerous historic tenement houses. When in Krakow, you cannot miss the Royal Castle and the Wawel Cathedral. In the international arena, Krakow is perceived as the ‘spiritual and scientific heart of Poland’.

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Poles are characterized by patriotism, hospitality and attachment to tradition. Our language appears difficult for foreigners due to the existence of sounds like ‘ch’, ‘ć’, ‘ś’ or ‘szcz’ which makes learning quite a challenge.

Polish cuisine is one of the best in Europe! A hot soup for dinner is a must in every Polish home and restaurant. Among traditional soups you will find chicken soup, sour soup or red borscht and one of the tastiest main courses is bigos (sauerkraut and cabbage rolls). Polish cuisine is also famous for its excellent pierogi (similar to dumplings). In the south part of the country - the mountains, in turn, traditional cheese - oscypek and sour soup (kwaśnica) are local delicacies. Podlasie region, on the east of Poland, specializes in producing traditional Polish vodka – Zubrowka. What’s so special about it and makes it truly unique is a blade of grass from Bialowieza Forest closed inside a bottle.

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