Vans & minibuses

Mercedes Sprinter

Vehicle type: Luxury bus
Number of passengers: 20 x+
Luggage: 20 x

  • comfortable leather seats (fold-out and sliding)
  • air conditioning
  • monitors with DVD / USB option
  • sound system, microphone
  • large luggage space
  • parking heater
  • personalized lighting
  • free WiFi access
  • fridge
  • hostess care during the trip (on request)
  • 500 plncity transfer/airport transfer
  • 600 plnairport transfer (WMI)
  • 175 plnwaiting time (at least 4 hours)
  • from 3,20 plnper kilometer
  • The price includes: renting a car with an English-speaking driver, fuel, insurance for passengers, still water, WiFi
  • The prices do not include 8% VAT
  • Prices for services during the holiday season are subject to an additional fee of 20% of the order value. Any changes to your reservations may involve additional fees. Services that take place at night (10:00 pm - 06:00 am) are subject to an additional fee of 20% of the basic price.